Overcoming Change Resistance

It’s a common misconception that to overcome change resistance from employees – or even from management – you just need a really good plan for change, and to deliver that plan in the right manner, at the right time.

The reality is that, even the most well-reasoned, necessary change, delivered in the most sensitive manner possible, may still encounter significant resistance from the workforce.  

The key to understanding how to overcome change resistance is the understanding that, in most cases, successful change management isn’t part of the core skillset of senior or middle management.  Fundamental, business-wide organisational changes are things that a manager at any level may only have to do once in their entire career.  If not handled correctly, even very sound, necessary plans for change can meet significant and sometimes devastating resistance from employees.  Having external support as a soundboard and sanity check can be absolutely critical to keeping that necessary plan on track.

It’s crucial for a business to change, and for that change to remain in place, that the key areas of the business exhibit behaviours that support the change, rather than deliberately – or inadvertently – blocking it.

Applied Change have helped many companies overcome change resistance from their employees, building consensus around the arguments for change and fostering alignment across the company, to successfully implement critical changes to businesses in disrupted markets or suffering against the weight of mounting competition.  Our teams have the strategies, processes and experience to help you through these critical transitions.

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