Transformational & Strategic Change

At Applied Change we work with our clients to deliver and embed complex, large scale changes into their business.  Typically, the projects that we’d identify as transformational change projects are ones that:

  • Fundamentally impact the way the business operates
  • Fundamentally impact the way the business serves its customers
  • Fundamentally impact the way the business is structured.

In almost all cases, transformational change would be a significant part of the execution of a medium to long term business strategy.  

We have extensive experience helping businesses from a variety of sectors to undertake major transformational changes in order to better reflect their strategic objectives. We’ve been involved in rapidly changing and disrupted markets where adaptation is the only means of survival, and we have the expertise and the toolset to help you undertake the changes needed for your organisation to flourish.

Typically, a transformational or strategic change would fall into one of the following categories:

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