Strategic Alignment & Vision Definition

Any change management project, big or small, must be geared around helping to deliver the business vision according to a defined strategy.  If it’s not possible to explain how the planned change will deliver that business vision… It’s time to stop the bus.

A core aspect of our methodology for change management at Applied Change is to ensure strategic alignment from the outset.  If everyone agrees that a certain change needs to happen, then we may need to redefine the company vision and strategy to account for the change.  Conversely, if the vision definition and strategic alignment are correct, then the change itself may need to be adjusted to align with the direction of the business.

Applied Change have a wealth of experience in helping businesses undergo transitions both major and minor – we help our clients ensure that the right changes are being made, for the right reasons, right from the start.  Vision definition and strategic alignment to the change project is a core part of an efficient transformation and a key aspect of change governance.

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