Join us for a roundtable discussion about how to ENABLE your change

ENABLE is about understanding the forces working against the change

The Applied Change 5E Model focuses attention on the fundamental elements that make up a holistic model for effective change, just 5 elements that, when performing well, are proven through science and practical experience to deliver successful outcomes. 


The second element is ENABLE.


Enabling is about understanding the forces slowing or likely to slow change down and then finding ways to either minimise the impact or work around it. Think of it as organisational “friction” working against the desire to move forward. The aim is to clear the path so change can happen more quickly.

Join us for our next roundtable discussion about how to ENABLE your change project:

See the videos below for a taster of the ENERGISE themes we covered in the first webinar.

Step One: Creating a compelling vision that moves people
There is a world of difference between good intentions and actually taking the actions needed. The drive to change usually comes from an emotional place, not a rational one.
A compelling vision transcends our differences and unites us to a common cause.
Step Two: A sense of shared purpose
A key aspect of motivation for change is the feeling that we're all in it together working towards a common goal. If we feel that some people are not acting in line with that shared purpose it quickly builds distrust and undermines motivation.
When we truly work together we can achieve almost anything.
Step Three: Create a strong sense of urgency
Despite our best intentions, things that we believe are important often don't get our attention. Other things - more interest, more urgent, more important in the moment - distract us.

Rather than getting frustrated, help others to see what's in it for them, for the organisation, for customers, for society.

Step Four: Alignment with personal values


Our personal values (our sense of how things ought to be) drive our thoughts and behaviours. A key part of getting people motivated to do something is to show how it helps them to achieve something they already believe in.

Step Five: Motivation to act Vs stay as we are
Change involves effort, risk and uncertainty and tends to move us away from our comfort zone. In order to make change happen, the motivation to change must be significantly greater than the easy and safe option of doing nothing.
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