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Game Changer: Accelerate your Change Initiative

Game Changer: Accelerate your Change Initiative

You may have noticed there’s a world of difference between knowing what needs to be done and actually doing it. Whether it’s our personal health regime, a business change or fixing the climate, the reality is that our behaviours and those of our colleagues often fall short of our well intended plans.

Studies continue to show low success rates for business change, whether it’s new processes, IT systems, consolidation, mergers or reorganization. They are fraught with problems and more often than not, take longer and cost more than expected, all too often they deliver little of real value having had $millions spent on them.

Often the response is to double down on project governance and the trouble with that approach is it can simply make matters worse. You may have noticed that pushing people to a place they don’t want to go doesn’t normally go well. It’s not dealing with the real cause: stakeholder perception and willingness to get involved. This is where the game changer comes in.

Game Changer is a unique collaboration between Applied Change and highly experienced leadership coaches

We’re working together with a select group of highly experienced leadership coaches in the UK and US. We’re delivering a unique combination of our leading edge change readiness assessment and insights together with targeted coaching that’s specifically designed to increase stakeholder engagement and reduce resistance to change. The key difference is that the whole process is guided by hard data measurements of the “soft” factors that are normally missed.

How does it work?

Working in collaboration between your change leadership team and dedicated leadership coach we:

  1. Run a short assessment to establish their individual perspectives on the change (how they see it) using proven, science backed assessment techniques
  2. Work through the findings, identifying areas of opportunity by focusing on any areas of negative sentiment or perception about the change
  3. Agree specific interventions (using the data to target ways increase engagement and reduce resistance) then confirm priorities, actions and timelines
  4. Review the effect of the interventions through re-assessment, once they have had chance to take effect, and adjust the approach as needed

With this unique approach we combine the very best in leadership coaching with leading edge insights into the human behavioural elements that underpin effective change. These insights and the coaching interventions are specifically designed to go further and deeper into areas that are most often missed. It’s designed to increase engagement and reduce resistance thereby making the change happen more quickly and more cost effectively.

Whether you are about to start a change or halfway through and finding that the pace isn’t what you need, the game changer is designed to help you hit the reset button and accelerate your change.

Whilst we can’t stop the world changing, we can choose how we respond.

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