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Lean Training Coaching and Process Improvement

The success of any business relies on the ongoing effectiveness of its processes and value streams, in other words the ways in which it delivers something of value to its customers. As situations change, markets evolve and new models emerge, these processes need to evolve and adapt, in order to remain effective. We help our clients to adapt how they operate, using the principles of Lean Thinking, in order to stay relevant and strip out inefficiencies that may have crept in over time.

Lean training is about giving us the tools and frameworks that help us to see what was there already but we have stopped noticing, like those old curtains we walk past every day! It brings the attention back to the core definition of value, normally from the perspective of the customer whilst also taking account of what the business needs and what the employees value too. In particular, it puts an emphasis on reducing or eliminating those activities that consume our time but add little or no value, allowing more time and attention on the important (and often more interesting) activities.

Once we start to see again, two things normally happen. 1. The group of people involved start to increasingly see things in a more similar way and 2. The opportunities to improve become very obvious. This combination of factors then, if handled well, creates a strong motivation to change from the bottom up and builds a sense of empowerment within the team leading to a far greater level of adoption of the changes than is often the case with the more common top down approach.

At Applied Change, we seek out the latest research and best practice on how to increase engagement, improve change outcomes and become more agile and resilient.

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