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👇Why Emotional Awareness is Your Secret Weapon 👇

You’re a seasoned consultant, coach, or change leader. You have the tools, the skills, and the passion to guide businesses toward success. But have you ever felt that something intangible is missing? The hidden x-factor that decides the success or failure of change initiatives?

🧠 Understand the Neuroscience Behind Resistance to Change

Transformation is hard, not because of strategic missteps but often due to unspoken fears and hidden agendas. While most change leaders focus on processes and goals, the true masters recognise the crucial role of human emotion in organisational change. Learn to apply the neuroscience of emotional intelligence and break through the barriers holding you and your clients back.


🚀 Elevate Your Impact with the Change Journey Navigator 🚀

Don’t just rely on intuition or data alone; integrate emotional intelligence into your change strategies with the Change Journey Navigator. This ground-breaking tool turns vague feelings of resistance into actionable insights, allowing you to understand, measure, and address the emotional undercurrents that can make or break your project.


What You’ll Gain:

👉Immediate Emotional Insights: Identify hidden roadblocks within days, not months👈

👉Actionable Strategies: Translate emotional data into powerful action plans 👈

👉Enhanced Credibility: Back up your intuitive hunches with hard emotional data 👈

👉Transformative Leadership Skills: Guide teams not just intellectually, but emotionally 👈


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“The Change Journey Navigator has revolutionized how I approach consulting. I can see beneath the surface and get to the emotional core of organisational issues.”

— Sarah T., Change Consultant

“This tool doesn’t just help me with my clients; it helps me understand my own resistance to change. It’s a game-changer.”

— Mark A., Business Coach

Take the Leap: Become the Change Catalyst You Were Born to Be

Gone are the days when you could afford to ignore the emotional underbelly of organisational change. Equip yourself with the transformative power of emotional intelligence and neuroscience. Become the High-Impact Changemaker that you were born to be, make a real difference that gets you noticed. The world needs changemakers more than ever. Are you ready to take on that challenge?

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🌟 Ignite the Neuroscience of Transformation with High-Impact Changemaker®! 🌟

Why Traditional Change Strategies Are Failing You

Despite your best efforts, did you know that most organisational change initiatives flounder? Recent findings from Oxford Saïd Business School reveal a shocking statistic: only 0.5% of change efforts succeed across time, budget, and quality.

The 0.5% Success Formula: Emotional Awareness

Ever wonder what sets these ultra-successful change initiatives apart? They’ve decoded the neuroscience of change, recognizing that it’s not just about processes and metrics. They leverage the emotional x-factor that drives human behaviour.

A Revolution in Change Management Awaits You

With the High-Impact Changemaker® program, you’ll master this transformative formula. A formula so potent it:

🚀 Elevates your impact while reducing your working hours.
🤩 Makes the change journey energizing and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Emotional Insights: Your Secret Weapon

Emotions are already influencing your projects—whether you realise it or not. Our program empowers you to harness these emotional drivers, shifting them from roadblocks into rocket fuel for success.

Backed by Cutting-Edge Behavioural Research

Drawing upon decades of expertise and current behavioural neuroscience, High-Impact Changemaker® is uniquely designed to skyrocket engagement and adoption rates, irrespective of your sector or challenge at hand.

Built on solid foundations


Elements form a simple model for change


Themes to help focus attention


Factors essential for successful change

Informed by Research & Practice

Developed in partnership with the University of the West of England
Applying the latest behavioural science to unleash the most natural of human qualities.
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