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Make your change succeed by engaging your people

74% of managers think they engage their teams in change, but only 48% of people feel engaged in changes at work - Gartner

So, how does it work? Watch our explainer:

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"I'm so glad we found this early"

"We had no idea we were seeing things so differently"

"We clearly weren't ready, but we are now"

How could an engaged team with clear, focused actions help your business change?

"I'm using it now with a leadership team I’m supporting through a major transformation and it’s fantastic in enabling the right discussions to take place."
Nicki Crossland
Leadership Performance Coach & Former VP HR

"Our client loved both the assessment and the very simple but powerful 5E change framework. There were a few surprises, all things we can now focus on and that we would have missed otherwise"
Associate Director
Big 4 Consultancy

"We all thought we were fully aligned - the Change Readiness Assessment showed us that we weren't and so we were able to talk this through together and find solutions to get us back on track"
Group CEO
$1.7bn Distribution Business

Frame the change - What is it and who is involved?

Giving a clear description of the change helps people to understand what you’re asking them about.  Everyone who is affected by or who can influence the change should be considered as potential participants

Ask people to share their perspectives - anonymously

Using a fun and engaging survey allows the participants to share their honest feelings about the change, safe in the knowledge that their views are not attributable to individuals. 

Review the insights and identify where focus may be needed

Having good data is just the start. The real magic happens when a story starts to emerge, when we can see very easily and clearly some patterns and more importantly things we can start to address. Using highly visual and interactive representations of the data we can start to really discover what was already there but we weren't seeing.

Take improvement actions with your team

In the end, it's not what we know that gets us to where we want to go, it's how we use that knowledge and the actions we take as a result. The results are presented with that in mind, identifying where we can take action and what we could do. And then of course we can track how we're doing.

...then repeat to track progress

Simple, fast, and immediately actionable insights

It takes just a few minutes

From only £45 pp

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