Why Change Journey Navigator?

With business transformation as a continuous state for so many organisations it’s even more critical that employees are fully onboard. Whether it’s restructuring, embedding new technology, creating a whole new business line or changing the culture, people are the key to successful outcomes and a successful future.

Change Journey Navigator is specifically designed to support leaders who believe in a people first approach to change. You’ll start with hard data insights (from those people who you need onboard) via a quick and easy science backed assessment process. You’ll then be guided with proven strategies, tailored to your unique situation and grounded in behavioural science.

Throughout, you’ll also be fully supported on your journey by experienced coaches. Each coach has many decades of experience delivering a people first approach in highly volatile business sectors.


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“The insights were profound. I had assumed I was communicating effectively, however, from the reactions of the team and users, I could see the emotional impact on those involved was different from what I had initially thought. It illuminated an important blind spot for me”

– Greg K (Head of Programmes) – Age UK

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“I’m so glad we found this early”

“We had no idea they were seeing things so differently”

“We clearly weren’t ready, but we are now”

Here’s what other people are saying…

“It’s been a game changer in giving us the clarity and focus on how we can increase engagement. I’m using it with a leadership team I’m supporting through a major transformation and they were shocked at how much they had assumed and couldn’t see.”
Nicki Crossland
Leadership Performance Coach & Former VP HR

“From a standing start to mind-shifting insights within two days! I love how clear and accessible it was and it made the culture change kick-off session so much more engaging. The big advantage was what they could now see that they had completely missed before – it changed the conversation completely”
Alison C
Associate Director at Accenture

“We knew things weren’t quite working but couldn’t see why – Change Journey Navigator gave us the clarity on what was holding us back and the actions needed to get us back on track. What I loved the most was how practical and easy it was to get my head around”
Tom C 
Sales Operations Director – Lifesciences

You’ll start by setting yourself up for success

This is where you explain why you value the opinions and perspectives of those involved in the change and how you are going to use that information to inform how the change is both presented and delivered. This is where engagement starts, through listening, through seeking to understand and then through actions that are congruent with the message.

Then you’ll discover what everyone really thinks

The science based survey combines the latest behavioural research with decades of practical change experience to tease out the real feelings and perspectives of those involved in the change; in other words what may not be voiced out loud but is driving behaviours. It’s anonymous to encourage honesty and it’s quick, fun and engaging too, which helps of course.

You’ll see what is already there but so often missed

Having good data is just the start. The real magic happens when a story starts to emerge, when you can now see easily and clearly what was there all along but you hadn’t spotted before, the relatively small things that will make a big difference to their engagement and your power to lead change. Using highly visual and interactive representations of the data you will discover a whole new dimension to your change.

You’ll be able to move forward with clarity and certainty

It’s not what you know that will get you to where you want to go, it’s how you use that knowledge and the actions you take as a result. The navigator insights are presented with that in mind, identifying where you can take action right now to increase engagement, with the right support and guidance as needed. And then of course you can track how you’re doing.

…then repeat to track progress

Simple, fast, and immediately actionable insights

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Built on Solid Foundations


Elements form a simple model for change


Themes to help focus attention


Factors essential for successful change

Informed by Research & Practice

Developed in partnership with the University of the West of England
Applying the latest behavioural science to unleash the most natural of human qualities.
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