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Our job is to help organisations and the people within them to make the changes that matter to them, to the people they serve and to society.

Applied Change specialises in people-centred transformational change. We use proven principles, backed by extensive research and have a strong track record of delivering a wide range of complex changes, often in challenging and highly resistant situations.

We offer a range of services and tools to help organisations achieve their purpose. Every change situation is unique, because the people involved are unique, so we bring a range of skills and a flexible approach that's tailored specifically to the needs and preferences of our client and the situation. Some examples of the different ways we can help are included below, although keep in mind that this is not exhaustive so please do get in touch if you need help with any aspect of your business transformation or project.


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Game Changer: Accelerate your Change Initiative

This new approach to organisational change combines leading edge insights with highly targeted leadership coaching aimed at unleashing innovation and accelerating the pace of change. Read more

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Change Readiness Assessment

Change Readiness Assessment helps us to see how those we are seeking to influence are perceiving the change and therefore how they will engage in it... Read more

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Lean Training Coaching and Process Improvement

We help our clients to continuously challenge what they do, applying Lean principles to drive improvements... Read more

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Project Delivery and Governance

Effective project and programme management is applying well proven best practice in a thoughtful way... Read more

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Transformational and Strategic Change

Driven by technology and globalisation, change is becoming increasingly transformational and that requires a very different approach... Read more

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Culture and Behaviour Change

Our job is to help our clients to understand, define and then reinforce the values and behaviours they want... Read more

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Technology Change

Technology continues to evolve at an eye watering pace, opening up opportunities we previously never even dreamed of. At the heart of those opportunities, for the foreseeable future at least, are the humans that will deliver the value. Read more