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Unlocking Change Resistance

Are you facing resistance to change in your organisation? Maybe change fatigue or even sabotage? Our research backed coaching package helps you to quickly and cost effectively get to the real causes, so you can increase engagement and unleash high energy change.  

A common misconception is that people don’t like change. It’s more accurate to say that most of us don’t like change being forced upon us. In an organisational context the pressure to move at pace often means that many of the people who need to be engaged in order to make it happen actually end up feeling dis-engaged and even actively resistant to what is happening.

There may be many reasons for this but the common theme is that they are all emotional, so that’s where the secret to engagement starts. We start by testing the “mood of the room”, using our science based Change Journey Navigator, designed specifically to test for emotional engagement. Using the insights we then work with you and your change leadership team to develop concrete strategies that you can implement right away to unlock resistance and increase engagement.

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