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The body of human knowledge is expanding all the time. Learning, sharing and building on that knowledge is the energy that drives the human race forward as we reach for greater things. Alongside helping our clients, we try to find some time to reflect on those things that we have learnt along the way. We love to hear about your experience too, so please do get involved in the discussion.

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2 months ago

Is the Concept of a Release Date Still the Right Answer?

When the world changes we can hold onto traditions and industry norms longer than we should, forgetting what they were designed to address in the first place. A good test is whether you would set things up that way if you were designing it from scratch today. Read more

By Mark Vincent

5 months ago

Change Management: Why big change is the new normal in business

The pace of change is accelerating. The phrase “change is a constant” has never been more true. Increasingly the type of change is becoming more transformational, rather than incremental. New disruptors enter markets much more quickly, facilitated by globalisation & new technology. Read more

By Marketing

7 months ago

When Heads Roll

Kill the golden goose and go and try to find another one…only to find that the same thing will happen again and again Read more

By Marketing

8 months ago

Are you a Detective or a Live Wire?

You may have noticed that there are many different personality types in any organisation and in life in general. While each of us is unique, we do carry shared traits and recognizing those in ourselves and others can be helpful in understanding group behaviours and how large collections of people collaborate (or not) with each other. Read more

By Marketing