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The body of human knowledge is expanding all the time. Learning, sharing and building on that knowledge is the energy that drives the human race forward as we reach for greater things. Alongside helping our clients, we try to find some time to reflect on those things that we have learnt along the way. We love to hear about your experience too, so please do get involved in the discussion.

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• Mark Vincent

Lessons in Change #1: Start with a reason that we believe in

The speed and magnitude of the change we’ve been through during the early part of 2020 is unprecedented in recent history. What can we learn from our response and the speed at which we all acted?

• Mark Vincent

Help Needed: Change Resistance Research at UWE Bristol

Has your organisation undergone a change recently that has affected you? Or have you been responsible for delivering a change at work? If so then maybe you could help us with some research we are working on with UWE in Bristol.

• Mark Vincent

Are we good at change?

In a matter of weeks at least 2.6 billion people have changed their way of life in ways that would have previously been unimaginable. Given the speed and scale of this change, what can we learn from it and how can we apply that learning to other changes that matter to us?

• Mark Vincent

From change resistance to engagement: Learning lab workshop

Register Here Applied Change in collaboration with the Psychological Sciences Research Group at University of West of England (UWE) Have you noticed how the more you push people the more they tend to resist? Have…

• Mark Vincent

A new game needs new rules

The fixed organisation structures commonly used today were developed over 100 years ago. In our fast paced, highly unpredictable world they are likely to be working against us, slowing down and stifling innovation, just when it’s needed most. Technology advancements and globalisation have changed the game completely and so the organisational rules will also need to change.

• Mark Vincent

Change Resistance: How do you know unless you look?

Change resistance can be costly in time and money and increases stress for all concerned. It comes from a lack of emotional connection and the key to addressing it starts with measurement.

• Mark Vincent

Want to reduce Change Resistance? Start by measuring it

The biggest challenge with change resistance is that it’s invisible, but its effects are very real. It tends to get overlooked because it’s hard to measure but it’s well worth the effort. And here’s how…

• Mark Vincent

Why do people resist change?

If you’ve ever tried pushing big change through a hire and fire culture you’ll know that it can be a brutal process and not for the faint hearted. This article explores change resistance and where it comes from.

• Mark Vincent

Why do we stand paralyzed while our environment is being destroyed around us?

Why is it that we know we are destroying our environment but we continue to do it anyway?

• Mark Vincent

When our Mind Works Against us

Paying attention to our physical wellbeing is considered normal, yet our mental wellbeing receives far less attention for most people, despite powering everything we do. And when it works against us the results can be catastrophic.

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