Supercharge your change initiative

As any athlete will tell you, good to great is about the details. It’s applying the latest science and striving for marginal gains that, when applied over time, lead to the improvements that get noticed. The ones that leave a positive legacy you can be proud of. Those that win awards and rapidly advance careers.

Accelerating business change and increasing the agility of an organisation is no different. It’s science, it’s readily available and it’s well proven. There are plenty of case studies, academic papers and books showing the way (tens of thousands of book titles on Amazon alone!).

Benchmark your change initiative against the generally accepted success factors and see how it measures up.

The secret of good to great in business change isn’t necessarily about more knowledge, there’s plenty of great wisdom readily available. It’s about gathering the right data, focusing attention, taking action, measuring the effect and then adjusting as needed. Most people have a good sense of what good looks like but experience shows that we tend to fall back into default habits, even though we know it’s not great for us. By measuring the right things we keep focusing on them and then the results come naturally.

The trick is to measure the right things

The best athletes don’t just work hard and hope for the best, they gather data on how they are training. They work smarter, not harder and use the data to constantly evaluate how they can adapt to make those small gains. They measure everything they can and they experiment with different ideas to find out what works. This is what sets the few apart from the many and it’s where excellence comes from.

The typical approach in business is to just push people harder and monitor status report RAG ratings, resource usage and budgets. And in my experience project managers do NOT want to show up with a red status report as the pressure on them builds immediately. It’s the equivalent of measuring the performance of an athlete only in terms of race times achieved, without considering the way they train. Results don’t happen by accident, they come from relentlessly focusing on and measuring the right inputs. And the trick, of course, is to know which inputs to measure.

The inputs that really make the difference rarely get measured because they are seen as subjective, invisible and hard to measure. Our new diagnostic is designed to challenge that and add a new dimension to the way we deliver important change. And it matters because most medium to large businesses struggle with change already and in the coming years agility will be increasingly critical for survival.

Read more here try the Diagnostic LITE; or get in touch (using the details below) for a FULL Diagnostic which goes far deeper with the insights and can be run across whole teams. The Diagnostic process is quick and easy (typically 1-4 days from setup to insights) so you can get on with accelerating the changes that matter to you.