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Change is everywhere. The waves of change continue to crash at our feet as new technology allows us to achieve things previously unimaginable. And that pace of change is accelerating as developments such AI, Blockchain and even the Internet, to name just a few, combine to take us places we can’t even dream of yet. Change can feel both exciting and frightening and yet we’ll find a way to adapt as a race because it’s what we do. Our clients recognise that they need to change but just need a friendly and supportive hand to help them sail the best course through often stormy waters.

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It’s the key to increased wisdom but one of the hardest things to do properly



Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t



The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion it has taken place



In the end we’re all judged on what we do and the difference we make to the world

Client Stories

International Music Company – Supply Chain Consolidation

Our journey with this client started with helping to make the case for change and establish some momentum. We then went on to play a key role in the delivery, driving the changes in process, systems and people behaviour, working closely with the senior business and IT sponsors to ensure the change continued to align closely to strategic goals. Read more

Say hello to… Craig Nicholson

As an Associate at Applied Change it may be quicker to tell you what Craig hasn't done! He has the longest business card known to man; his last formal full-time role was as VP at 20th Century Fox and he has decades of experience as a Financial Director in publishing and film. Read more

What people say about us…

Applied Change really took the time to understand our project. They were willing to interrogate our assumptions and their own to ensure that we ended up with the right plan and a road map to achieve it and were tenacious in tracking progress. Read more

Kate Logan, General Counsel, International at WMG Kate Logan, General Counsel, International at WMG

A new paradigm requires new thinking

The Forth Industrial Revolution we are living in now requires a completely different way of thinking about how we live, work and deal with change if we want to thrive. Read more