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Change is everywhere. The waves of change continue to crash at our feet as new technology allows us to achieve things previously unimaginable. And that pace of change is accelerating as developments such AI, Blockchain and even the Internet, to name just a few, combine to take us places we can’t even dream of yet. Change can feel both exciting and frightening and yet we’ll find a way to adapt as a race because it’s what we do. Our clients recognise that they need to change but just need a friendly and supportive hand to help them sail the best course through often stormy waters.

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It’s the key to increased wisdom but one of the hardest things to do properly



Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t



The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion it has taken place



In the end we’re all judged on what we do and the difference we make to the world

Client Stories

Book Publisher – Distribution Centre

Following the launch of a new software system, their distribution centre had started to suffer from increasing performance problems and severe bottlenecks in throughput. We were asked to get involved to help establish what was happening. It became apparent that the problem was much wider than just the new IT system. Read more

Say hello to… Sally Chapman

What Sally doesn't know about the media sector frankly isn't worth knowing. She is a plain speaker, go getter and all round lovely human being to be around. Her abilitity to juggle being a stellar consultant and an amazing mum astounds the whole team. Read more

What people say about us…

He’s gone way above, getting approval and business buy-in and fighting some difficult battles on our behalf. I would recommend Mark and his team, without a shadow of a doubt... Read more

Paul McDonald, VP International IT, Warner Music. Paul McDonald, VP International IT, Warner Music.

Organisational Change: Do We Need To Re-frame Our Thinking?

Do the statistics on Organisational Change point to the way we are defining success? Read more