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If recent events have shown us anything it’s that change really is a fundamental part of life and often comes out of the blue. Change can feel both exciting and frightening and it’s that emotion that drives our response to it. When we feel that a change is positive for us we tend to engage, then it can be inspiring and energising. If we feel anxious or confused we’ll tend to resist.

In business we find that the emotional side of change is often overlooked in favour of the more tangible aspects and so engagement is normally a fraction of what it could be. This represents a huge opportunity for most businesses and most change and transformation initiatives, so our job is to help you to unlock that potential. When the conditions are right, the most natural of human qualities, innovation, adaptability and resilience, begin to emerge and from there we can achieve the seemingly impossible.

We can’t stop change happening but how we respond is a choice.

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Change needs an energy to fuel it and take it beyond good intentions and management rhetoric.



With any change there will be forces that slow it down.



Even the most well intentioned and energised changes can become chaotic if they are not managed and governed properly.



Regardless of the situation, we all need time to adjust to any change and to embed the new behaviours that are required.



The key to success is continuously watching, listening and learning.

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Paul McDonald, VP International IT, Warner Music. Paul McDonald, VP International IT, Warner Music.

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