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They have gone way above and beyond, getting approval and business buy-in and fighting some difficult battles on our behalf. I would highly recommend Mark and his team, without a shadow of a doubt… Read more

Paul McDonald, VP International IT

Mastering the Art of Influence – Turning Resistance into Engagement

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Case stories

Rights Management and Publishing – IT Governance and Change Management

A key area of concern for our client was that they felt they were not getting good value for money from their IT investment. This manifested as a lack of control and visibility over IT spend, ineffective IT change governance and a misalignment of IT resources to corporate goals. In short, they were spending money but not getting where they should be. Read more

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Show people you are listening

Are you seeing change fatigue, dis-engagement or even sabotage? Maybe your change is taking longer or going over budget? With Change Journey Navigator you can get to the source of the problem quickly.

We know from psychology and neuroscience that emotions drive behaviour and yet most of the common tools and project approaches miss this part completely, focusing mainly on the rational side. The emotional connection people have with a change initiative drives the extent to which they will engage in it, whether they will prioritise it over everything else, the extent to which they will go the extra mile and how innovative they will be.

People also like to feel heard, it’s a hugely powerful engagement strategy. With Change Journey Navigator you’ll send a clear signal to your employees that you are truly listening.


The science behind engagement and empowerment

As a leader delivering change, you may find it can be frustratingly difficult getting people fully onside and engaged. Our new program is specifically designed to help you to reduce resistance and increase engagement. 

Whether it’s implementing new technology, streamlining operations, consolidating, merging or separating, you may have a sense that it should be easier than this. Why aren’t more people getting on board?

More often than not it’s the way change is delivered that’s causing the problem. The common approaches for delivering change actually end up causing resistance, fatigue and even sabotage. Join us to learn how you can unleash the most natural of human qualities, our ability and willingness to change.

Built on solid foundations


Elements form a simple model for change


Themes to help focus attention


Factors essential for successful change

Informed by Research & Practice

Developed in partnership with the University of the West of England
Applying the latest behavioural science to unleash the most natural of human qualities.

Reflection time…..

Change Resistance: How do you know unless you look?

Change resistance can be costly in time and money and increases stress for all concerned. It comes from a lack of emotional connection and the key to addressing it starts with measurement.

Are you on track with your change goals?

How are your goals for this year shaping up? It’s well documented that organisational change is challenging, with only 30% achieving their stated goals. What’s less well known is that the reason for this is not because people generally resist change…

How to ease the pain of change

This year has certainly been an emotional roller-coaster for many of us. When a change is thrust upon us it may be useful to understand that the emotions we’re feeling follow a pattern and that pattern is similar for most of us

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