Case Studies

Included below are some examples of where Change Journey NavigatorTM has helped to increase engagement and empowerment in transformational change.

All of these were tough transformational changes that benefitted from the experience embedded within Change Journey NavigatorTM, helping leaders to see what had previously been invisible to them. Information that made it clear to them where to focus attention in order to maximise engagement and therefore simultaneously improve both the pace of change and the wellbeing of their workforce.

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Navigating Through Culture Transformation

The insights helped the leadership team to see that they each had concerns about the planned changes, not all of which had been shared openly. They were surprised to find that their views on how well the vision fitted with the company values were polarised. Read more

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Increasing Engagement in a Multi-Year Global Transformation

A global technical manufacturing business had seen strong growth, with new opportunities and new markets emerging over the past few years. However, the structures, processes and systems in the business were no longer able to cope with the larger, more complex business. Cracks were starting to show. Using the Change Journey Navigator they were able to see where engagement was strong and where attention was needed, with often surprising insights. This has allowed them to continually take actions to increase and maintain engagement throughout their change journey. Read more

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Company Wide Engagement in a Global Finance Transformation

A globally distributed manufacturing company was running a global finance transformation initiative involving hundreds of people in a number of different countries. Using the Change Journey Navigator they were able to dramatically improve the buy-in of the local teams and have them feel a sense of ownership of the change... Read more

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Global Manufacturer – Transformation Leadership Team

The leadership team of a global finance transformation believed they were all broadly aligned on the change journey ahead only to find that on some important aspects they were poles apart in their beliefs and perceptions. The Change Journey Navigator helped them to see and fix what was there all along but they hadn't spotted. Read more

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