Music and Book Publishing – Operations Restructuring

The Situation

Our client had recognised a need to restructure their operations function to more closely align the performance and structure of their physical business to their strategic goals. There were a number of areas where process and behaviour dysfunction had crept in and performance was decreasing, while costs were steadily increasing. At the root of these issues we had identified some fundamental cultural and organisational issues that needed to be addressed in order to make any progress.

Our Input

  • Day to day (interim) management of the Operations function
  • Restructuring the operations team (covering Sales, Distribution, Purchasing, Customer Service, Product Development)
  • Establishing a new culture, encouraging and rewarding the right behaviours.
  • Redefining and embedding the new processes, responsibilities and behaviours


  • Restructured Print Division better aligned to Strategic Objectives - Supporting the MD in the restructuring of the entire division to more effectively reflect the current market needs
  • New KPIs & Reporting across Operations functions, giving much needed visibility of real performance
  • Purchasing restructuring and process improvements, reducing overhead by 33%
  • Customer Service restructuring:
    • improved response times, increased satisfaction scores, better management and performance reporting
    • 20% reduction in staff and a 24% reduction in overhead cost
  • New products production overhead reduced by 60% due to improved ways of working
  • Returns crediting process automated saving 1 FTE and reducing the average customer delay
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