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Change Readiness Assessment

Evidence shows that organisations who take the time to understand and acknowledge the human change readiness factors are able to adapt much more quickly and deliver better change outcomes. Studies continually point to human factors being the underlying cause of organisational change that struggle to achieve their stated objectives.

Using Change Readiness Assessment tools and frameworks helps us to stack the odds in our favour by quickly and easily assessing the “mood in the room” amongst our stakeholders. Whether we take the time to find out or not, everyone involved in a change will have a perspective on it and that perspective will drive their attitude and therefore their behaviours towards it. Sometimes that’s obvious and the engagement or resistance is highly visible and others less so, for example, evident only by timelines constantly slipping or new issues being highlighted too late to do anything about them.

We believe it’s better to know because then we can start to have better quality conversations with those we seek to influence. Sometimes those conversations and some relatively minor differences in approach can change the game completely.

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