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The body of human knowledge is expanding all the time. Learning, sharing and building on that knowledge is the energy that drives the human race forward as we reach for greater things. Alongside helping our clients, we try to find some time to reflect on those things that we have learnt along the way. We love to hear about your experience too, so please do get involved in the discussion.

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• Applied Change

Linking Change Readiness to Employee Wellbeing – An Evidence Based Review

Given recent events, wellbeing at work has come into sharp focus and so has organisational change. This research by UWE Occupational Psychology MSc student David Peters shows not only how employee readiness for change employee wellbeing at work are linked but also the impact that has on change outcomes.

• Mark Vincent

How to Ease Resistance to Change

Why do we fear change so much? Why do we routinely put up barriers to progression, and instead decide to settle for less? What is it that is getting in the way?

• Mark Vincent

Lessons in Change #4 – The importance of clear instruction

Human behaviour is complex, and most of us exhibit some signs of change resistance even when pushed to make big changes in our lives. So how did the UK government successfully convince 60 million of us to turn our daily lives upside down overnight?

• Mark Vincent

Change Readiness Assessment

A change readiness assessment allows you to quickly and easily test the engagement and perceptions of those stakeholders that are critical to success.

• Applied Change

Managing Change in the Workplace

With change an essential part of every business, it’s ever more critical that we focus on managing change successfully. A startlingly high number of change initiatives are unsuccessful, with the odds firmly in favour of failure. We take a look behind those numbers to see what’s happening and how we can stack the odds in our favour.

• Mark Vincent

Change Readiness

Knowing the right thing to do is very different from doing the right thing. We can all think of good examples. Change readiness is about giving us (whether individually or as a team) the best chance of having our behaviours more closely match our good intentions.

• Mark Vincent

Supercharge your change initiative

Accelerating business change and increasing the agility of an organisation has much to learn from sport. As any athlete will tell you, good to great is about the details. It’s applying the latest science and striving for marginal gains that, when applied over time, lead to the improvements that get noticed. Those that win awards and launch careers.

• Mark Vincent

How to ease the pain of change

This year has certainly been an emotional roller-coaster for many of us. When a change is thrust upon us it may be useful to understand that the emotions we’re feeling follow a pattern and that pattern is similar for most of us

• Applied Change

Change Management: Why big change is the new normal in business

The phrase “change is a constant” has never been more true and increasingly the nature of change is becoming far more transformational. True transformation requires a different kind approach, including a willingness to go back to base principles and question everything. Are you ready?

• Mark Vincent

Lessons in Change #3 – The Challenge of Compliance

The reasons we comply or resist are complex and, as we’re seeing now, developing our understanding of the different factors that affect our level of compliance is critical not only to dealing with the virus in the months ahead but also to success in any change situation.

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