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Stuck in the business transformation slow lane? Struggling with technology adoption? 


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Uncover the neuroscience behind resistance to change, and learn how to turn emotional insights into powerful action and real momentum. With our Change Journey Navigator, move beyond traditional change models into practical actions that will drive up adoption and transformation success.

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👉Immediate Emotional Insights: Unearth hidden roadblocks swiftly, not in months 👈

👉Actionable Strategies: Translate emotional data into powerful action plans 👈

👉Enhanced Credibility: Validate your intuitive hunches with hard emotional data 👈

👉Transformative Leadership Skills: Guide your team not just logically, but emotionally 👈


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“Change Journey Navigator has shed a bright light on the hidden factors affecting our transformation. It’s like having a new lens that makes everything crystal clear, providing a fresh perspective that’s been instrumental in accelerating our progress.”

— Nicky H., Business Leader, Lifesciences Organisation


Take the Leap: Become the Change Catalyst Your Business Needs.

Equip yourself with the transformative power of emotional intelligence and neuroscience, and make a real difference that gets you noticed. The world needs more leaders like you, ready to embrace and drive positive change.

Your journey to becoming a high-impact change catalyst starts here.

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Why Traditional Change Strategies Are Failing You

Business transformation is one of the biggest challenges leaders face in the current age. Recent findings from Oxford Saïd Business School reveal a shocking statistic: only 0.5% of change efforts succeed across time, budget, and quality. My guess is your instinct is telling you this already, that nagging doubt that it could be or even should be so much better, faster, easier and cheaper.

Meanwhile the world is changing ever more quickly, driven by increasingly rapid technology innovation.

“When the rate of change inside an institution becomes slower than the rate of change outside, the end is in sight. The only question is when”

Jack Welch (ex CEO at GE)

The 0.5% Success Formula: Emotional Awareness

Ever wonder what sets these ultra-successful change initiatives apart? They’ve decoded the neuroscience of change, recognising that it’s not just about processes and metrics. They leverage the emotional x-factor that drives human behaviour.


A Revolution in Business Transformation Awaits You

With the High-Impact Changemaker® program, you’ll master this transformative formula. A formula so potent it:

🚀 Elevates your impact and delivers your outcomes with greater ease.
🤩 Makes the change journey energising and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Emotional Insights: Your Secret Weapon

Emotions are already influencing your change initiatives—whether you realise it or not. Our program empowers you to harness these emotional drivers, shifting them from roadblocks into rocket fuel for success.

Backed by Cutting-Edge Behavioural Research

Drawing upon decades of expertise and current behavioural neuroscience, the High-Impact Changemaker System® is uniquely designed to skyrocket engagement and adoption rates, irrespective of your sector or challenge at hand.

Built on solid foundations


Elements form a simple model for change


Themes to help focus attention


Factors essential for successful change

Informed by Research & Practice

Developed in partnership with the University of the West of England
Applying the latest behavioural science to unleash the most natural of human qualities.
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