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At the centre of any change is the human experience. The arduous journey we all take to achieve anything worthwhile is littered with a range of emotions and can feel like a rollercoaster at times. The vision may be clear and compelling, even essential for survival, but the grinding reality of making it happen against the formidable forces of resistance can derail even the most noble intentions. Our clients are on that journey and our job is to help them navigate the many obstacles and achieve something worthwhile.

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Say hello to… Mark Vincent

Mark is the driving force behind Applied Change. His interest in change, behavioural psychology and overcoming change resistance was sparked by his experience supporting the major music labels during a period of unprecedented market disruption from 2001 onwards. Today the whole industry and many others are almost unrecognisable from just 20 years ago.

During that period Mark has been instrumental in the delivery of a wide range of change programmes and projects, spanning many different countries, often in highly resistant and politically charged situations.

When Mark isn’t leading the Applied Change team you’ll find him behind the decks as a Hard House DJ; he remains a staunch fan of Radio 1 and new music in general, at the bemusement of most of his peers and colleagues.

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Say hello to… Tim Edwards

It’s so easy to like Tim, he’s a natural people person, while also packing an incredibly sharp intellect. Rather annoyingly, he never seems to age and will no doubt always look 21. We love watching people underestimate him at first meeting only to quickly discover that razor sharp wit that lies behind the friendly, young looking exterior. Blending oodles of process and performance experience with great people skills, Tim is the kind of person who can handle pretty much any change situation, and with a smile.

When he’s not working, you’ll occasionally find him at a local skate park doing BMX jumps with his son.

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Say hello to… Simon Munroe

Simon’s two great passions are shiny things and going fast, so using technology and working with great people to make a difference never really seems like a ‘proper job’. Rapid change is the norm for Simon. He’s helped the recorded music industry through the effects of content digitisation and changes to consumer behaviours and preferences. He also supported the newspaper industry move to subscription models, helped video content producers to improve digital rights exploitation and helped retailers to use data more effectively to increase consumer engagement and loyalty. As if that wasn’t enough he’s also added an MBA to his extensive repertoire of knowledge and experience. When he’s not working you may find him enjoying a blast on a scary motorbike or alternatively being much more sensible in an old-style campervan.

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Say hello to… Luan Wise

If there’s a marketing channel that experiences more change than any other, it’s social media.

Luan not only drives us to keep our own profiles up-to-date, and to share content with our networks, she has her eyes and ears open to the latest topics that can stimulate important conversations about change.

When she’s not consulting or teaching, you’ll most likely find Luan with her head in a book and a cup of coffee in hand.

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Say hello to… Martin Green

Martin is as quick thinking as he is straight talking (he’s from the North East – enough said!). He’s our bright spark, our motivator and has a massive can-do attitude; basically a force of nature. If you want a problem solving, call Martin – he is the Sherlock Holmes of the team with a forensic mind that, in a business sense, leaves most people standing. And yet, he consistently turns his vast encyclopedic knowledge into distilled practical solutions that deliver real bottom line improvements in process and operational performance.

When he is not rallying the herd at work you’ll probably find him coaching youngsters on the rugby field or at the eighteenth hole on the golf course…heading in the general direction of the watering hole of course.

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Say hello to… Craig Nicholson

As warm as the Australian sunshine that he spends a good part of the UK winter basking in, he is knowledgeable, smart and a real pleasure to have on the team as our new Associate. With both feet firmly planted in commercial ground, he’s the numbers man who steadfastly refuses to count beans unless they’re going into his flat white.

Craig reached Vice President level at Twentieth Century Fox, held Finance Director positions in Publishing, and has supported a range of clients through business, finance and operational change and growth in both Australia and the UK.

A long-suffering Motherwell FC fan, he still has the accent, but tries hard to steer clear of the stereotype of a Scottish accountant, even though he is one.

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Say hello to… Martin Croft

Martin is thoughtful, insightful and reflective. He really understands how the mind works, especially where the stress and fear of change is concerned.

He’s great at teasing out individual and group thinking on change, especially when it manifests as resistance. He helps individuals and groups by taking their thinking from fearful and protective to a place where opportunities are endless; meaning transformed behaviour and performance. You could say he is like a good digital radio – always tuned in and ready to deliver thought clarity.

When not working, he’s either trashing around on his motorcycle, walking the labradoodle or working out the best fly for those pesky trout.

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