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Tackling the Challenge of Change Resistance

Are you a leader or consultant facing the daunting task of dealing with resistance to change within your organisation? Overcoming resistance and turning it into engagement is a critical step towards successful transformation. The key lies not just in strategic planning but in understanding and addressing the human responses to change.


Recognising the Roots of Resistance

Resistance happens for many reasons, here are a few of the common causes:

Fear of the Unknown: One of the most common reasons for resistance is the uncertainty and fear associated with change.

Lack of Engagement: Resistance often stems from a feeling of exclusion from the decision-making process.

Comfort with Status Quo: People tend to prefer the known and the routine, making change inherently challenging.

Resistance is often hard to see, often manifesting as slow pace or a seemingly endless list of new issues or reasons why the change can’t be done. Alternatively just blame the technology!


When Engagement is High

Imagine leading a transformation where resistance is low, and people are highly engaged. Where the people involved are energetic participants in the change, creating a bright future together, generating innovative ideas and collaborating well together.

This isn’t wishful thinking; it’s happening right now…


The Strategy: Understanding, Empathy, and Inclusion

Change Journey Navigator is helping leaders and consultants to quickly understand the psychological and emotional journey of those affected by change and guides you to better outcomes with tailored guidance and practical strategies to reduce resistance and increase engagement. It’s the perfect companion to your engagement strategy.

Insight into Emotional Journeys: Gain a deeper understanding of what’s driving resistance and how to address it.

Empathetic Leadership: Employees feel heard, valued and empowered.

Inclusive: Involve and engage at all levels, turning potential resistors into change advocates.


The Outcome with Change Journey Navigator

Reduced Resistance / Higher Engagement: By addressing the root causes of resistance, you can significantly reduce barriers to change.

Enhanced Team Morale: Teams that feel included and understood are more likely to embrace change.

Effective Change Implementation: Smooth transitions with less resistance lead to more successful and sustainable change initiatives.


Begin the Journey to Change Mastery

As a leader or consultant, you’ll already know that your role in navigating and reducing resistance to change is critical to success. With Change Journey Navigator, you can get there quicker and easier.

Learn how Change Journey Navigator can revolutionise your approach and add fuel to your engagement strategy, turning change resistance into highly engaged and motivated employees.

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Here’s a short intro…

Our customers love how quick and easy it is…

“We could see within a few days why the sales team were so resistant to the change”

“What I liked best is that the guidance was practical and straightforward to implement”

“I realised that the way we were presenting the change wasn’t landing as we’d intended”

Here’s what other people are saying…

“It’s been a game changer in giving us the clarity and focus on how we can increase engagement. I’m using it with a leadership team I’m supporting through a major transformation and they were shocked at how much they had assumed and couldn’t see.”
Nicki Crossland
Leadership Performance Coach & Former VP HR

“From a standing start to mind-shifting insights within two days! I love how clear and accessible it was and it made the culture change kick-off session so much more engaging. The big advantage was what they could now see that they had completely missed before – it changed the conversation completely”
Associate Director
Big 4 Consultancy

“We knew things weren’t quite working but couldn’t see why – Change Journey Navigator gave us the clarity on what was holding us back and the actions needed to get us back on track. What I loved the most was how practical and easy it was to get my head around”
Group CEO
$1.7bn Distribution Business

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