The Top 20 Business Transformations of the Last Decade

By Applied Change


What does real business transformation look like and what does it take to be successful? This article looks back over the past 10 years at the most successful transformations to see what lessons can be learnt.

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How do you feel your change is going?

– Constantly adding more budget and it’s starting to feel like a money pit?
– Feeling that the changes seem to take much longer than hoped?
– Not getting tangible results quickly enough?
– Finding that no matter how hard you push, you’re still not getting there?

Would you like to understand what’s really happening and how to fix it?

Become a High Impact Changemaker

Learn 5 key strategies to increase engagement and empowerment in your business transformation, leading to faster outcomes and with everyone fully onboard.

Change Resistance: How do you know unless you look?

Change resistance can be costly in time and money and increases stress for all concerned. It comes from a lack of emotional connection and the key to addressing it starts with measurement.

Leaders focus too much on changing policies, and not enough on changing minds

Whilst focusing on the harder aspects of a change, such as policies, processes, facilities, technology, training etc, what organisations typically overlook or at least pay too little attention to, is the human element, i.e. what we think and feel. And yet we’re increasingly learning that it’s one of the most fundamental contributors to successful outcomes.

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