Real or Not?

By Mark Vincent


Man Standing On Artwork

How often have you made judgements about people or a situation that turned out to be completely different to what you thought at the time? Ever wondered why in some cases the person you are talking to you just doesn’t get where you are coming from and vice versa?

Some days everything seems great and even the big challenges are solvable, even enjoyable. Nothing fazes us. Other days, just getting out of bed might feel like a Herculean effort!

Why is that?

Our Mind Creates our Reality from the Inside

Our mind is a powerful thing and creates a perception of the world that we believe to be real. The truth, though is that our reality is created from the inside, including our emotions.

In my line of work this is at the root of all kinds of communication difficulties and conflicts that slow down or derail business change.

When we understand the way our mind actually works and how it affects the way we view the world and others around us, our assumptions and perceptions can look very different.

Once you’ve seen this TED talk I wonder whether the world will look quite the same again…or to use an analogy from the film “the Matrix”, whether it will feel like you just took the red pill?

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