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It’s hard to make any meaningful change in business today that doesn’t also involve changing the underlying technology or taking advantage of new technological advances. It’s all too easy though to allow the technology itself to become the primary focus, forgetting that adoption and the human element around the technology is also key to business value delivery.

In most cases in business, technology alone doesn’t deliver value, people do. People use the technology to become more efficient, more effective, more creative and / or more collaborative. And yet the focus is all too often on the technological element at the expense of the human part of the equation. This is the reason we see so many IT system projects grabbing the headlines for the wrong reasons. In our experience, defining a good IT or process solution is normally relatively straightforward, however, getting it fully adopted by everyone often proves to be far more tricky.

Adopting new systems and processes can feel difficult, they are unfamiliar, take time to learn and become proficient. We tend to be more comfortable with what we know, even if it’s not perfect and it takes effort to learn something new. To make that leap, we need to believe it’s worth the effort and understand fully why we’re changing. Consider the mobile phone technology we carry around with us every day, more capable than the computers that powered the first moon landings and yet we’ve figured out, mostly on our own, how to get what we need out of them. Not through lengthy training and awareness sessions but driven by a desire and a belief that they can make our lives a little easier and it’s worth a little effort to find out how. That they also look nice is, of course, a bonus. The most successful businesses continuously find ways to augment human innovation and adaptability with the constantly evolving power of technology. They truly harness the symbiotic nature of that relationship in order to drive exceptional business value.

At the heart of our approach is ensuring that the people involved who will use the technology are fully engaged in and ideally driving the changes. The focus is on ensuring that the business is moving towards its goals, with the technology enabling the improvements. That technology will continue to advance at a rapid pace, seems certain for now at least, what we do with it however depends on the human dimension at the centre of it.

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