The Unseen Perspectives: Unlocking the Hidden Drivers in Business Transformation

By Mark Vincent


Picture this: A man travels on the London Tube with his two noisy children, appearing completely disengaged, while his fellow passengers grow increasingly irritated. Finally, a passenger confronts him, only to find out that he and his children are in shock from a recent family tragedy. This adaptation from Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” serves as a potent reminder that there’s often more to a situation than meets the eye.

The Blind Spots in Our Perception

We often presume that what we see or perceive is the complete picture. However, a single piece of additional information can dramatically alter our viewpoint. When spearheading a business transformation involving hundreds or even thousands of individuals, the likelihood of having a monolithic perspective is virtually zero. Every participant brings their unique story, shaped by incomplete or imperfect information, influencing their view of the transformation as positive, negative, or neutral.

The Underlying Narratives Driving Behaviour

These unique perspectives are not merely passive observations; they actively dictate individual behaviours, whether visible or not. So, what if you could bring these hidden drivers into the light? Could a slight alteration in your change narrative or delivery methods make a significant difference? Could it encourage more people to adopt a constructive or empowering viewpoint?

Case Study: Jane’s Digital Transformation Journey

Let’s take the example of Jane, one of our clients using Change Journey Navigator for her digital transformation involving around 500 people. She realised that the people she needed to engage were not seeing what she and other leaders saw. Whether out of ignorance or resistance, they were not fully on board because they didn’t believe in the necessity for change.

For 18 months, this discord resulted in a sluggish pace and missed milestones, frustrating everyone involved. However, with the insights gathered from Change Journey Navigator, Jane achieved a fresh understanding of the situation within just five days. She now knows what the transformation looks like from their perspective, allowing her to realign her focus. The outcome? A noticeable increase in engagement, faster progress, and fewer issues landing on her desk.

Focus on What Matters Most

So, could you amplify your effectiveness by understanding where to focus your energies? Could you, like Jane, benefit from an enhanced, multifaceted perspective to propel your business transformation? Find out how Change Journey Navigator could supercharge your change delivery strategies, ensuring you pay attention to what truly matters.

In the world of transformation, understanding the unseen perspectives can be your greatest asset. Equip yourself with the tools to unearth these hidden drivers and navigate your transformation journey with unprecedented clarity and success.

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