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Engaging and Empowering for Success

“Success leaves clues” – Jim Rohn. And in failure the learning is most profound.

Whether you are at the start of your digital transformation journey or part way through, the evidence is clear, it’s not the technology that really transforms, rather it’s the people using it.

A common mistake is to pay insufficient attention to engaging and empowering the people who will ultimately make the transformation a success.

They are the ones who will embrace the new opportunities the technology brings, they will interact differently with their customers, their suppliers and each other, they will make use of better quality data to make better decisions.

To quote a recent Forbes article 12 Reasons Your Digital Transformation Will Fail

“Humans are the problem. And the solution.”…”Think 80% soft skills, 20% technical prowess.”

Most major consultancies agree that no matter how awesome your tech is, your digital transformation (DX) efforts appear doomed from the start. In 2016, Forbes assessed the risk of failure in digital transformation to be 84%. According to McKinseyBCGKPMG and Bain & Company, the risk of failure falls somewhere between 70% and 95%.

So how do you engage and empower your people to make your transformation journey a success?

That starts from a recognition that how people feel about the transformation journey defines their behaviours towards it. And yet this one small piece of the puzzle is often left to chance, relying on anecdotal or fragmented information to build up a picture that is often either incomplete or completely incorrect. As a result of that, some very well intended engagement strategies end up doing the opposite.

This is where data can be your guide, where you can turn the “soft factors” into objective data that you can track and use to build engagement strategies that are tailored to your unique transformation journey. Strategies that will increase empowerment and engagement in your strategic goals.

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