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UK Law Firms: Selecting a CRM/Case-Management solution? Talk to us first

Before you choose a CRM or Case-Management solution – talk to us first. We will enable you to make the smart decision. A poor choice will mean that you invest in a system that will become a millstone around your neck.

SMEs: 6 Reasons why your CRM project has failed

Your CRM project has failed. Join the club. We are often asked by clients to come in and rescue the project, and we almost always find the same issues that caused the project to flounder. Want to know what they are?

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The 10 essential features 21st century solicitors need in their Practice Management Software

Choosing a Practice Management System (incorporating Case Management, Document Management and Contact Management) is a strategic decision – one that will impact your firm for many years ahead. What features MUST your PMS offer?

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How inefficient is your firm due to paper? Find out with this calculator

Applied Change launches a Paperless Office Calculator. It’s free to use and your results are instant.

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Small Change vs Incremental Change

Ever wondered why your business struggles to make transformational change? The answer could be in how you approach change: do you take on Small Change, or Incremental Change?

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Sticking to the rules is costing your business

Your business may be suffering (without you knowing about it) because your ‘rules’ are getting in the way of changes that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff and resources. Your rules must be broken, in order to become leaner, faster and more competitive.

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