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Adapt or Disappear: Can your business survive the digitisation of the media industry?

The media industry has undergone several fundamental changes in the last few decades. There have been comprehensive format changes, from vinyl and VHS, through to cassette and CD/DVD and now to digital downloads and streaming. All have forced major change, shifting the areas of growth and profitability in the sector several times over. These transitions […]

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Law Firms: How to Review and Transform your Operating Model (and why you have to do this now)

Now is the time to review and transform your Operating Model to keep pace, and then leverage your experience and infrastructure to accelerate away and build wealth.

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Why COOs must be obsessed with User Interface (UI)

Poor user-interfaces cause massive invisible costs to business. I am not talking about pure aesthetics – the bells and whistles; it’s the compound effect of small inefficiencies in the UI that create a staggering problem.

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Media Industry: Is your supply chain the wrong size?

Most businesses are operating in environments and markets that are constantly changing. The challenge is to keep pace and use your assets optimally to maximise profit. Supply chains are a great example where this is really difficult, as making changes can be costly and time consuming. Mark Vincent from Applied Change explains: “I’ve seen this […]

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The changing delivery models of the video games industry…

In a relatively short space of time video games have become one of the biggest leisure and recreation markets in the world, challenging the film and television industries and indeed many other forms of media. One of the biggest drivers of change is the massive increase in digital distribution linked to the widespread availability of […]

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Why most SMEs will NOT enjoy the benefits of workflow automation

Most established SMEs won’t benefit from workflow – the method of pushing the right work to the right people at the right time. This isn’t because their workflow technology doesn’t work. Sadly, it’s because most SMEs are not staffed by people who understand the benefits of workflow, and how it can improve task efficiency.

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