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Is your supply chain the wrong size?

Most businesses are operating in environments and markets that are constantly changing. The challenge is to keep pace and use your assets optimally to maximise profit. Supply chains are a great example where this is really difficult, as making changes can be costly and time consuming. Mark Vincent from Applied Change explains: “I’ve seen this […]

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Why most SMEs will NOT enjoy the benefits of workflow automation

Most established SMEs won’t benefit from workflow – the method of pushing the right work to the right people at the right time. This isn’t because their workflow technology doesn’t work. Sadly, it’s because most SMEs are not staffed by people who understand the benefits of workflow, and how it can improve task efficiency.

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How to create an Agile Strategy

The traditional approach to strategy is dead. Business can no longer plan a reliable strategic trajectory – at least one that stands the test of its first impact on the market.

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Business Growth, Leadership & Management Development (and how to get the Government to pay for it)

Have you heard of GrowthAccelerator – the UK Government backed scheme to support business growth? The Government funds most of your investment…

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UK Law Firms: Selecting a CRM/Case-Management solution? Talk to us first

Before you choose a CRM or Case-Management solution – talk to us first. We will enable you to make the smart decision. A poor choice will mean that you invest in a system that will become a millstone around your neck.

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SMEs: 6 Reasons why your CRM project has failed

Your CRM project has failed. Join the club. We are often asked by clients to come in and rescue the project, and we almost always find the same issues that caused the project to flounder. Want to know what they are?

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