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Tzeporah Berman – The global treaty to phase out fossil fuels



When trying to shift human behaviour in a certain direction it’s important to consider what obstacles or hurdles could be in the way or pushing against the change we are trying to make. It’s clear from all the evidence that we need to eliminate fossil fuels and yet they are still the cheaper option in most cases. Put another way, we’re doing a great job of giving all of us a reason not to change, i.e. it’ll cost us more. Imagine if the right option was also the cheapest, how many more people would change and how quickly?

This excellent talk and the movement behind it shines a light on a key missing piece of the puzzle that is needed to make that shift. Apparently renewables are cheaper but the market is distorted with tax breaks and subsidies in favour of fossil fuels, making it fossil fuels cheaper. This global treaty aims to level the playing field and fix those distortions.