Help Needed: Change Resistance Research at UWE Bristol

By Mark Vincent


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Unfortunately this research is now closed but you can read more about the findings here or to find out more about change readiness assessment click the button below

Change Readiness Assessment


Has your organisation undergone a change recently that has affected you? Or have you been responsible for delivering a change at work?

If so, maybe you can help us with some research being done by the University of West of England (UWE) that we are supporting. We’re looking for around 150 people to take part in a short (10-15 minute) survey looking at attitudes to change in the workplace. It’s straightforward to complete and fully confidential.

The student, Katherine Reader, is on the MSc Occupational Psychology programme at UWE. The research forms a key part of her final dissertation; it’s exploring individual attitudes towards change and the extent to which this contributes to change resistance.


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